Pre Funding & Pre Planning

Pre-Funding & Pre-Planning

There is a difference. At any time, you can make an appointment to come in and Pre-Plan your funeral. One might ask, “Why would I want to do that?” The answer is simple: You care about the people you are leaving behind. If you have ever had to make funeral arrangements for someone else, you know how complicated the decisions are that you are expected to make. We keep your wishes on file so that when the need arises, your family can use the information to plan a personal, meaningful funeral. Pre-planning is free. However, it does not guard against inflation.

Pre-Funding your funeral consists of choosing the type of servce and merchandise you want and paying for them in advance. We use an irrevocable burial trust or insurance that guarantees it will keep with the rate of inflation.

Pre-paying for your funeral does two main things:

  • The money CANNOT be counted against you as an asset, which is especially beneficial for people entering nursing facilities and applying for SSI.
  • The funeral home cannot touch any of the money until your death and it can only be spent on funeral expenses.

Give us a call at 724-752-1556 and either Joe or Jennifer would be happy to explain pre-arrangement or answer any questions you may have.